Smart and secure igloohome™ locks


IThe smart locks of Igloohome make access rights management quick and easy.
With the smart lock you can conveniently give access to guests, maintenance and cleaning staff, AirBnB customer, administrator, temporary user. In the Igloohome product range, you will find a suitable smart lock for home doors and gates, offices and commercial premises, even a locker for a courier!

Smart Mortise 3

Forget lost keys and accidental lock-ins and lock-outs!
The secure and smart door lock can be unlocked with the chip and card, smartphone, PIN code, fingerprint and regular key. Mortise 2 even connects to the AirBnB app!


The smart remote controlled padlock Padlock opens with a smart app and PIN.
With single or multiple, time-limited PINs, you can securely give access to others. Hardened steel eyelets of different sizes make the Padlock a universal remote-controlled smart lock for both home and business. Compatible even with AirBnB app!

Smart Deadbolt 2s

Smart latch for demanding tastes

The thin remote-controlled latch opens with a key, a smart device and a PIN code, from the inside, of course, also by turning it from a regular “butterfly”. The stylish Deadbolt 2s is perfect for doors where the requirements for appearance are higher than usual. Compatible with AirBnB application

Keybox 3

The mini safe box opens with a smart device or PIN code and even connects to an AirBnB app!
A padlock-like key box can be attached to a handrail, a wall, or even a door handle. Keybox 3 is resistant to shocks and vandalism and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Features of Igloohome smart locks


  • Security lock
  • After five consecutive incorrect PIN code entries, the device is locked for five minutes.
  • Automatic relocking
  • The box will lock itself within five minutes if the box is not opened after unlocking.
  • Scheduled entry
  • For maximum security, specific PINs (such as those of a cleaner or guard) can only be set for certain days and times.
  • Emergency start
  • If the battery of the key box is completely discharged, the box can be connected to a standard 9V battery, which allows the box to be opened with a PIN code or a smart device.
  • Deception code
  • You can enter any number before or after the PIN to prevent the PIN from being sniffed by fingerprints or button wear.
  • Access logs
  • The administrator, ie the main user, sees the logs of unlocking with the smart device in real time, the PIN unlock log opens with the main user’s bluetooth device.